Clean Water Ideathon

March 23, 2015

CleanAcwa is hosting an Ideathon competition amongst students interested in international development, sustainability, and humanitarian engineering. CleanAcwa a 501(c)(3) is dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable solutions to improve water quality, sanitation and hygiene. The organization has launched successful campaigns in two Ghanian clusters, and is hoping to move its efforts throughout Ghana. 

Because CleanAcwa is focusing on scaling outside of its initial testing sites, we are going to host a Hackathon-style competition to challenge the brightest minds in development to come up with innovative solutions for WASH issues. The winning team of the competition will receive a free trip to Ghana for CleanAcwa’s Clean Water Conference this fall.  The Ideathon will be held at Harvard Law School, WCC 1023, on Saturday, April 4th.  Interested participants must sign up by March, 29th. Sign up here!