EVST Launches Updated Curriculum with BS Program

September 9, 2016

This fall we formally launched a revised curriculum for EVST.  To prepare for this we reviewed many other majors on campus, as well as environmental studies programs at our peer institutions.  We are excited about the curriculum improvements that have been implemented, and believe that they provide terrific opportunities for future majors. 

One of the key changes is that EVST has expanded to offer a BS Program in addition to our traditional BA Program.  This BS Program encourages students to delve more deeply into natural science coursework and research.  Students pursuing this degree will be required to take additional SC designated courses within their concentration, and will conduct independent research for their senior essay. 

Our BA Program was also revised in this curriculum review effort.  This spring we will launch a new BA prerequisite course, Chemistry for the Environment (EVST 180), with Dr. Paul Anastas.  This course will impart the fundamental basic knowledge of chemistry through the use of environmentally focused cases.  We have also expanded the course choices in our Core A (Social Sciences and Humanities) and Core B (Natural Sciences) requirements.

We are already seeing great enthusiasm for the revised structure of our curriculum, and look forward to the growth opportunities this will provide.  If you are interested in learning more, please visit the academic section of our website.