Summer Environmental Fellowhips: 2002

  • Margaret Aiken, American Studies `04 
    Fluctuation in the Population Density of Hemidactlyus frenatus in Careyes, Mexico; Yale Tropical Field Ecology of Mexico Course

    Laura Bozzi, EEB `03 
    An Investigation of Phragmites Populations on the Coastal Wetlands of Narragansett, Rhode Island.

    Geoffrey Chaiken, Economics ‘04
    Study of the Luminous Life and Fluorescent Proteins in Cnidaria of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

    Noah Chesnin, Humanities `04
    Internship with Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI), Washington, D.C.

    Lance Ching, EEB `03 
    Population Density Dynamics and Foraging/Basking Behavior of Bataguridae Turtles in Careyes, Mexico; Yale Tropical Field Ecology of Mexico Course

    Kyla Dahlin, EEB `03
    Investigation of Weather Patterns and Rate of Tree Growth in Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest.

    Melissa Garren, MCDB `03
    Is Coral Bleaching Adaptive?
    Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.

    Philip Gerhardt, Environmental Engineering `04
    Strategies for Sustaining Tropical Ecosystems and Organic Farming Methods in Costa Rica, School for Field Studies.

    Lauren Gold, MB&B `03
    Researching Health-Related Environmental Policy with the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, State Department, Washington D.C.

    Scott Goldberg, Economics and Studies in the Environment `03
    Tropical Ecology in Costa Rica, Organization for Tropical Studies.

    Andrew Hamilton, Undecided `05 
    Investigation of the Epiphytic Relationships of Orchid Species Growing in Costa Careyes, Mexico; Yale Tropical Field Ecology of Mexico Course

    Emily Hurstak, EEB `03
    Research and Development of Policy on the Preservation of Ecosystems and Endangered Species with the United States Department of State, Bureau Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, Washington D.C.

    Judith Joffe-Block, History or EP&E `04
    Finca Loma Linda Agroecology Internship: Coto Brus, Costa Rica. 

    Andrea Kanner, EEB and Anthropology `04
    Internship with the Sierra Club on Reducing Suburban Sprawl around Washington D. C. 

    Hanan Karam, Environmental Engineering `03
    Tradeoff Analyses of Different Combinations of Mixed Crop and Livestock Systems with the International Potato Center at La Molina in Peru.

    Taylor Larson, EP&E `04 
    American Crocodile Conservation; Yale Tropical Field Ecology of Mexico Course

    Michelle Lee,  EEB `04 
    Recolonization of Bird Populations in a Tropical Shrub Forest; Yale Tropical Field Ecology of Mexico Course

    Madeleine Meek, Environmental Studies `04
    An Introduction to Sustainable Development Projects In and Surrounding Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar.

    Damon Nakamura, EP&E `04 
    Nesting Behavior and Conservation of Green Sea Turtles; Yale Tropical Field Ecology of Mexico Course

    William Parish, EP&E `04
    Community Forestry Research with the Tata Energy Research Institute in India.

    Adam Schempp, EP&E `03
    A Case Study of the Lower Colorado River: Evaluating the Effectiveness and Rationality behind Major Streamflow Diversion as a Possible Solution to Water Shortages.

    Linda Shi, Environmental Studies `04
    Summer Internship with the Center for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge in Kunming, China.

    Benjamin Smith, EEB `03
    Analyzing the Viburnum dentatum Complex for Ecological, Morphological, and Molecular Patterns.

    Abhimanyu Sud, MCDB and Linguistics `03
    Urban Agriculture in Bangalore, India with the NGOs Agriculture, Man, and Ecology, the Karnataka Compost Development Corporation, and the Women’s Dairy Co-Operative, Sampark.

    Dow Tang, Environmental Engineering `05
    Internship in Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park Monitoring Sea Turtles and Controlling Invasive Exotic Species.

    Elizabeth Waldman, History `03
    Internship in Kununurra Branch of the Governmental Organization Conservation and Land Management (CALM) in Western Australia.

    Patricio Zambrano, Economics or Environmental Studies `03
    Internship with POEMA in their Program to Spur Sustainable Development and Reverse Environmental Degradation in Amazonia.