Summer Environmental Fellowhips: 2004

Aravinda Ananda, Environmental Studies ‘05
Shrimp Aquaculture in Ecuador: NGO Success in Improving Local Environmental Sustainability

Antasia Azure,  English (writing concentration) ‘05
Study of the Culture of the Australian Aborigines and Their Relationship to the Great Barrier Reef in Cape Ferguson Region of Australia

Cara Berkowitz, Environmental Studies ‘05
Hands-On Environmental Education: Bridging Deficits in Holistic Educational Methods and Awareness of Environmental Issues

Bhart-Anjan Bhullar, Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Track) ‘05
Paleontology and comparative Anatomy of Squamates: Field Work, CT Data Processing and Descriptions of Gerrhosaurid Skulls

Deepali Dhar, Undeclared ‘07 
Climate Change Internship with Environmental Defense in New York City, NY

Genevieve Essig, Psychology ‘05
Summer Internship with Environmental Law Institute

Alexandra Freeman, History Of Science / History Of Medicine ‘05
The Recent History of Bioprospecting; An Ecological and Medical Investigation in the Republic of Panama

Shani Harmon, Environmental Studies / Anthropology ‘06
Potato Park Agrobiodiversity: Impact of Globalization on Indigenous People in Peru

Laura Hess, Environmental Studies ‘06
Internship with CHIRAG (Central Himalayan Resource Action Group)

Caroline Howe, Environmental Studies or Environ. Engineering ‘07
Study of Sustainable Agriculture on an Organic Farm and Field Research at Yale Myers Forest

Laura Jeanty, Physics ‘06
Internship on Electrical Industry with TERI (The Energy and Research Institute) in New Delhi, India

Lucas Knowles, EVST ‘05
Case History of the King Salmon Military Dump Site in Alaska

Beth Kochin, Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Track) ‘07
Impact of Anadromous and Landlocked Alewife on Inland Water Quality and Food Web Structure

Maya Kotas, Biomedical Engineering ‘05
Study of Malaria Intervention Techniques at Ifakara Health Research and Development Centre, Ifakara, Tanzania

Erica Larsen, Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Track) ‘06
Rotifers in Space: Testing a Spatially Explicit Model of Metacommunity Coexistence

Danielle Larson, Environmental Studies ‘05
Field Study in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve

Flora Lichtman, Environmental Studies ‘05
Regulating Underwater Sound: A Case Study (Research at SACLANT Undersea Research Center on the Northwest Coast of Italy)

Melanie Loftus, Environmental Studies ‘05
What are the Institutional Challenges to Regional Environmental Planning in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area?

Erica Machlin, Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Track) ‘05 
Speciation in Mouse Lemurs (Working in Yoder Lab at Yale)

Madeleine Meek, Anthropology ‘05 
Assessment of Healthcare Initiatives in Ranomafana Integrated Conservation-Development Project

Megan O’Connor, Environmental Studies ‘05
Animal Care at The Second Chance Wildlife Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland

So Yeon Paek,  Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry ‘05
Infectious Eye Diseases and Public Health Initiatives in Humijbre, Ghana

Vicente Undurraga Perl, Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Track) ‘06
Landlocked Alewife and Implications of Dam Removal or Fish Ladder Construction In Connecticut

Sarah Jane Selig, Environmental Studies and International Studies ‘06 
Research on Mesoamerican Reef Health in Akumal Mexico

Leanna Sudhof, Environmental Studies And International Studies ‘06
Bacterial Larvicides as a Malaria Vector Control Method at International Centre of Insect
Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) in Nairobi, Kenya

Mary Elizabeth Young, Biology ‘06
Development of a Non-Invasive Molecular Sexing Protocol for the Endangered Amur Tiger

Xizhou Zhou, Environmental Studies ‘05
Case Study of Shell/Petro China Pipeline: Environmental and Social Impacts with UNDP