Summer Environmental Fellowhips: 2005

Jane Brandon Berkeley, Environmental Studies ‘06
A Tale of Two Cities: Transportation & Land Use Patterns in Paris and Athens, Comparative Landscape Study

Caitlin Clarke, Environmental Studies ‘07
Internship with Save America’s Forests in Washington, D.C.

Christopher Dalton, Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Track) ‘06
The Role of Anadromous Fish in the Diets of Breeding Birds in Coastal Connecticut

Rachael Doud, Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Track) ‘07
Investigating the Ecological Impacts of Anadromous Alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) Restoration in Connecticut

Sara Enders, Geology & Geophysics ‘06
Introduction of Higher-Yield Rice Farming Methods to the Philippines

Miles Farmer, Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Track) ‘07
Identifying the Origin of Captive Galapagos Tortoises: Implication for the InteractiveIn Situ / Ex Situ Conservation Management

Shani Harmon, Environmental Studies / Anthropology ‘06
American Indian and Colonial Human Ecology in Tidewater Virginia

Caroline Howe, Environmental Engineering ‘07
Alternative Strategies for Sustaining Tropical Ecosystems: School for Field Studies Course in Costa Rica

Charles Iaconangelo, History ‘07
The Environment, Economics, and Ecuador: Internship with the Nature Conservancy in Quito, Ecuador

Dawn Lippert, Environmental Studies ‘06
Study of Ecology of Leatherback Turtles and Monitor Predation of their Nests by Mongooses with the Sea Turtle Conservation Group on Vieques, Puerto Rico

Charlie Liu, Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Track) ‘06
The Effects of Intraspecific Population Variation of Interspecific Ecosystem Interactions: A Class Study of Generalist Grasshoppers (Melanopus femurrubrum) in Yale-Myers Forest

Ariane Lotti, Environmental Studies ‘06
Measuring Agricultural Sustainability in Italy: How Science and Policy Connect to Address Environmental Degradation

Jasmine Low, Environmental Studies ‘06
Communication, Persuasion, and Behavioral Change

John Mittermeier, Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Track) ‘08
Unearthing Samoa’s Mysterious Moorhen: A Proposal to Survey Birds in the Upland Forests of Savai’l, Samoa

Molly Montes, Biomedical Engineering ‘06
Large Carnivore Research and Designing Improves Telemetery at the Karongwe Ecological Research Institute in Tzaneen, South Africa

Charles Munford, English ‘06
Agroecology Internship At C.E.T.A.S. in Cienfuegos, Cuba

Michelle Quibell, Environmental Studies ‘06
Field Tropical Biology Course in Costa Rica - Organization for Tropical Studies

Victor Ramos, Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Track) ‘07
Field Tropical Biology Course in Costa Rica - Organization for Tropical Studies

Randall Rubinstein, Environmental Engineering ‘06
Changing Climate, Changing Tactics: Understanding the Media as an Essential Tool for Environmental Campaign Success

Laura Schewel, Literature / Environmental Engineering ‘06
Water Quality in the Pangani Basin, Tanzania: Internship with Pamoja and GTZ

Sarah Jane Selig, Environmental Studies ‘06 
Environmental Effects of Tobacco Growth, manufacture and Disposal: Internship with Institute for Global Health in San Francisco

Mirko Serkovic, Environmental Studies ‘07
Marketing Renewable Energy Use in India: Internship at the energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Dehli

Karen Stamieszkin, Environmental Studies ‘06
Maine’s Shellfish Mariculture Industry: An Investigation of Impact and Expansion

Leanna Sudhof, Environmental Studies ‘06
A Comparative Evaluation of Strategies: researching Environmental management of malaria at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland

Teresa Tapia, Environmental Engineering ‘06
Renewable Energies within an Emissions Trading Scheme: Internship with EEFA in Muenster, Germany

Vicente Undurraga-Perl, Biology (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Track) ‘06
Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis in Southern Mexico: Internship at Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Scott Zhu, Undecided ‘07
Field Study with the Wrangell Mountains Program in Alaska