Summer Environmental Fellowhips: 2011

Divya Balaji ‘14 - Prey of the King Cobra: Agumbe Rainforest Research Station

Erin Carter ‘12 - Following the Food Trail: Is “locavore” more than a marketing ploy?

Alyssa Cheung ‘12 - Assessing the State of Mangroves and the Effectiveness of Community-based Mangrove Management in southern Thailand

Zoe Cheung ‘12 - Variability in Ecosystem Function at Different Magnitudes of Temperature Fluctuations

Ray Crouch ‘14 - Tropical Ecology in Costa Rica

Josh Evans ‘12 - This Is How We Eat: Development and Communications Internship and Sustainable Food Systems Research with the Edible Schoolyard NYC

Anna Rose Gable ‘13 - Soil Management, Experimentation, and Communication Among Small Farmers in the Georgia Piedmont

Reid Magdanz ‘12 - Subsistence Policy on National Park Lands in Alaska

Dakota McCoy ‘12 - Behavior and Conservation Research in Puerto Rica

Eli Mitchell-Larson ‘12 - Isotopic Characterization and Paleoclimate Reconstruction from non-Tropical Mediterranean Corals

Daniel Olson ‘12 - Internship with Friends of the Earth-Middle East

Jeannette Penniman ‘12 - Smart Growth Internship with the Natural Resources Defense Council

Daksha Rajagopalan ‘12 - The Impacts of Climate Change on the Arctic

Charlene Ramos ‘13 - Swiss Federal Environmental Policy Economic Impact Assessment

Aspen Reese ‘12 - Behavior and Post-Cranial Morphological Variation Between Pika Ecotypes

Holly Rippon-Butler ‘12 - Sheep, Trees, and Nitrogen – a Summer in Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Erin Shutte ‘12 - International Climate Change Finance for Small Island States

Catherine Sheard ‘12 - Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) Conservation in Bifengxia, Sichuan, China

James Shirvell ‘14 - Kdr Allele Frequencies and Equatorial Guinea

David Skophammer ‘12 - Sustainable Building Analysis in the United Kingdom

Chandrika Srivastava ‘12 - Sustaining Cities: Saving Energy and Reducing Carbon Emissions

Joy Sun ‘12 - How can Chinese societal groups and NGOs be mobilized to champion China’s environmental law and environmental movement?

Dacia Thompson ‘12 - Distribution and Quality of a Guatemalan Water System

Kaylee Weil ‘12 - Determining the Role of Nitrogen in the Invasion of the Non-Native Plant, Phragmites australis

Lucia Woo ‘13 - Pollution Source Survey and Assessment of the Farm River Watershed in East Haven and Branford

Michael Wysolmerski ‘12 - History Curation at the Smithsonian Museum