Summer Environmental Fellowhips: 2014

Debby Abramov, MB&B ‘15, Can Polymorphisms of the Innate Immune Receptor TLR2 Protect Against Borrelia Infection?, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Yaa Ampofo, EVST ‘16, Ghana’s GMO Debate: Fears and Fortunes, Accra, Ghana

Gwen Antell, EEB ‘16, Interspecific Competition and Energy Budgets in African Hornbills Along a Resource Gradient, Laikipia District, Kenya

Ijeamaka Anyene, EVST ‘15, An Exploration of Environmental Health, CDC and ATSDR, Washington, DC

Justine Appel, EVST ‘15, A Critical Look at Agrarian Activism and Farming as a Tool for Social Justice, Maine and New Jersey

Jackson Blum, EVST ‘15, Avocados and Agriculturalists: An Audio Narrative of Farming in the American West, Watsonville, CA

Alec Borsook, EEB ‘15, Ecology-Based Entomophagy Research at Copenhagen’s Nordic Food Lab, Copenhagen, Denmark

Elle Brunsdale, EVST and ECON ‘15, Watershed Management in Quito and Ecuador’s Amazonian Region, Quito Ecuador

Austin Bryniarski, EVST ‘16, Internship at the Food, Law and Policy Clinic at Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA

Alice Buckley, EVST ‘15, Montana-Branded Meat: Learning How to Build a Profitable, Just and Ecologically Regenerative Beef Industry, Bozeman, MT

Patrick Cage, EVST ‘15, To Till it and Keep It: Religious Environmentalism in Place on Land-Based Christian Intentional Communities, California and Massachusetts

Sofia Carrera, EEB ‘15, Evaluation of Food Choice, Behavioral Time Allocation, and the Reproductive Endocrinology of Tackus Hornbills During the Breeding Season, Laikipia District, Kenya

Kathryn Culhane, EEB ‘15, Human Impacts on the Prey Communities of Lizards in the Greek Archipelago, Paros, Greece

Alec Downie, EEB ‘16, Historical Biogeography, Diversification, and Character Evolution of Canarium, Antanarivo, Madagascar

Alison Fritz, EENG ‘16, Internship with Ashoka Trust for Research on Ecology and the Environment, Darjeeling and Gangtok, India

Sarah Gilbert, ENGL ‘16, Growing Home, New Jersey

Adam Goff, EVST ‘15, Breakthrough Teaching, New Mexico

Carlos Gould, EVST ‘15, A Study in Air Pollution from Cookstoves in Rural India, Kullu District and Koppal District, India

Michael Grace, PHYS ‘15, Pathogenicity of the Bacteria Xylella Fastidiosa and its Role in Grape and Citrus Crop Losses, Campinas, Brazil

Eamon Heberlein, EVST ‘16, Internship with The Land Institute, Salinas, KS

Christian Hernandez, MCDB ‘15, Genetic Analysis of Rattus Norvegicus of Salvador, New Haven, CT

Sophie Janaskie, EVST ‘15, Investigating the Effects of Climactic Variables and Tick Feeding Time on the Genetic Diversity of Babesia Macroti in the Northeastern United States, New Haven, CT

Ethan Kyzivat, PHYS ‘15, Sustainable Technology and Language Immersion Internship in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Samantha Lichtin, G&G ‘16, Developmental Plasticity in Planktonic Forams, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK

Ragini Luthra, Undeclared ‘16, Household Air Pollution and Respiratory Health: Research into the Health Effects of Current Cooking Practices and Possible Solutions, Goyena, NIcaragua

Onagh Mackenzie, ANTH ‘15, Study of Community Perceptions of Subsistence Salmon Fishing, Sitka, AK

Zachary Miller, EEB ‘17, Life on the Wall: Testing for Lizard Evolution to Human Land Use in the Greek Islands, Paros, Greece

Jordan Moore, EVST ‘15, Internship with the Environmental Protection Agency Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery, Washington, DC

Nora Moraga-Lewy, EVST ‘16, Evaluating the Effectiveness of Water Sanitation and Hygiene-Focused Community Health Clubs, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Angus Mossman, EEB ‘17, The Ecological Consequences of Human Land Use: A Behavioral Study on the Aegean Wall Lizard, Paros, Greece

Astrid Pacini, MENG ‘16, Contrasting Under-Ice and Open-Water Phytoplankton Blooms in the Chukchi Sea, Chukchi Sea

Sonya Prasad, EVST and PLSC ‘15, Internship with BRAC Institute of Global Health on the Food Security National Surveillance Project, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Patrick Reed, EVST ‘15, Internship with the Wallace Global Fund, Washington, DC

Shizue RocheAdachi, EVST ‘15, The Socio-Cultural Implications of Land Transition: Agricultural Narratives of Place and Identity, Wisconsin

Victoria Schmidt, HIST ‘15, Trust for Public Lands Summer Internship: Planning, Building and Community Outreach for the Bozeman Park Project, Bozeman, MT

Madison Shankle, EEB ‘17, The Incorporation of Biogenic Methane into Small Pond Food Webs, New Haven, CT

Kelly Sherman, EVST ‘16, Field and Laboratory Research to Test for Food Web Effects of Animal Thermal Adaptation, New Haven, CT

John Shively, EVST ‘15, Internship with The Urban Institute, Washington, DC

Ryan Simpson, GLBL ‘17, Testing Irrigation Techniques on West Campus Farm, New Haven, CT

Jane Smyth, G&G ‘16, Internship with Vestas Wind Systems: Studying Wind Farm Power Outputs and Origins of New Haven Air Pollution, Aarhus, Denmark

Evi Steyer, EVST ‘15, Regenerative Processing: Examining and Improving Midlevel Livestock Slaughter in Montana, Bozeman, MT

Rae Taylor-Burns, EVST and EENG ‘15, Cape Wind Internship, Cape Cod, MA

Aaron Troncoso, EVST and GLBL ‘17, Great Baikal Trail: Ecological Education Through Trail Building, Irkutsk, Russia

Chelsea Watson, EVST ‘17, Internship with Fundacion Chacras, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gracie White, EVST ‘16, Pursuing Marine Biology, New Haven, CT

Lea Winter, CENG ‘15, Development of a Process for Combustion of Nitrogen-Based Fuels, Haifa, Israel

Jacob Wolf-Sorokin, EP&E ‘15, Internship with the Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources, Kathmandu, Nepal

Jenny Wu, MCDB ‘15, A Pilot Study: Examining Adverse Respiratory Effects of Inorganic Arsenic Exposure in Women of Nepal’s Terai Region, Kathmandu, Nepal