Summer Environmental Fellowhips: 2015

Jonathan Adler, HIST ‘18, Sitka Local Foods Network Summer Internship, Sitka, AK, USA

Yaa Ampofo, EVST ‘16, Defining the Locus: Investigating Producer and Consumer Perspectives on Food Security Issues and how they Connect with Ongoing Government Initiatives, Accra, Ghana

Mitchell Barrows, EVST ‘16, Environmental Justice in Detroit – The Struggle for Water, Detroit, MI, USA

Rephael Bildner, AMST ‘16, American Agriculture Policy at a Crossroads: An Internship With The United States Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, Washington, D.C., USA

Emily Boring, Place-Based Education: Environmental teaching position at the Cape Eleuthera Island School, Cape Eleuthera, Bahamas

Sarah Brandt, EVST ‘17, Internship with the Business Council on Climate Change, San Francisco, CA, USA

Austin Bryniarski, EVST ‘16, Notes from the Fertile Field: Food Law and Policy Internship and Research, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Justine Cefalu, EVST ‘16, Knowing the Forest: an ethnography of tourist guides in eastern Madagascar, Andasibe, Madagascar

Sophia Charan, CENG ‘16, Air Sampling Research: Yale University Environmental Engineering Department, New Haven, CT, USA

Martha Cosgrove, G&G ‘16, Sitka Conservation Society, Sitka, AK, USA

Paige Curtis, EVST ‘16, Professional Experience in Environmental Health and Sustainability, Washington, DC, USA

Elias Estabrook, PLSC ‘16, Evaluating a Payment for Environmental Services (PES) Project in the Forests of Nkolenyeng, Cameroon

Rhydian Glass, EVST ‘16, House Armed Service Committee Internship: Research within Nuclear Weapon Proliferation and Removal, Washington, D.C., USA

Matthew Goldklang, EVST ‘16, Effective Narratives for Climate Change Communications:  Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Drought, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Rachelle Graham, EVST ‘16, The Value of Community Gardens: Assessing the Productivity of New Haven Community Gardens, New Haven, CT, USA

Alexis Halyard, E&EB ‘16, Investigation of the population structure of Glossina fuscipes fuscipes and its impact upon the transmission of African Sleeping Sickness, New Haven, CT, USA

Sara Hamilton, HIST ‘16, Effective Narratives for Climate Change Communications:  Comparative Analysis  of the Effects of Drought, New Haven, CT, USA

Calvin Harrison, EVST ‘17, Interning at the Hashemite Fund for the Developmen of the Jordanian Badia, Amman, Jordan

Eamon Heberlein, EVST ‘16, Land Trusts & The Young Farmer: Addressing Barriers To Land Access, Montpelier, VT, USA

Adam Houston, Quiet Corner Internship, Eastford, CT, USA

Serena Lian, MCDB ‘17, Forest Pathology: Eastern Hemlock and the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Ashford, CT, USA

William Liang, EP&E ‘17, MS Swaminathan Research Foundation Internship, Chennai, India

Samantha Lichtin, G&G ‘16, Geochemical Approaches to Archaeal Ecology, Cambridge, MA, USA

Nathan Lobel, PLSC ‘17, Harvard Law and Policy Clinic, Cambridge, MA, USA

Zachary Miller, E&EB ‘17, Life on a Wall: Testing for lizard evolution to human land use in the Greek Islands, Naxos, Greece

Nora Moraga-Lewy, EVST ‘16, GIS Internship at PanAmerican Energy, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Angus Mossman, E&EB ‘18, Ecological research at the Sharhabil bin Hasneh EcoPark, Amman, Jordan

Jacqueline Raines, EVST ‘16, Cuba’s Unintentional Organic Food Movement: Is it Truly Organic?, Havana, Cuba

Gabriel Roy-Ligouri, EVST ‘16, Internship with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Woods Hole, MA, USA

Hannah Sassoon, EVST ‘16, Bells Bend: understanding an agricultural community, beginning with the soil, Bells Bend, TN, USA

Ella Schmidt, EVST ‘18, EWM Weevil Research and Lake Testing, Boulder Junction, WI, USA

Kelly Sherman, EVST ‘16, Evaluation of Cyzenis albicans on Winter Moth, Wellesley, MA, USA

Chad Small, EENG ‘16, Developing a Sensor to Study the Fouling Mechanisms of Reverse Osmosis Membranes, Be’er Sheva, Israel

Adam Sokol, EENG ‘17, Urban Water Quality: A Water Ecuador Replica Study, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Andrea Steig, EVST ‘16, “We are five, but now we are one”: Self-determination and biocultural heritage in El Parque de la Papa, Peru

Nicholas Stewart, HIST ‘17, Internship  with the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Juliet Strauss, EVST ‘17, Biophilia and Human Well-Being, New Haven, CT, USA

Aaron Troncoso, EVST ‘17, Environmental Security Policy Internship, Washington, D.C., USA

Andres Valdivieso, EVST ‘16, Helping preserve the Galapagos Giant Tortoise: creating an electronic database from ongoing captive breeding programs to perform meta-analyses and carrying out field studies to guide tortoise reintroductions on the Santa Fe Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Chelsea Watson, EVST ‘17, World Wide Organic Farming Internship, Angelina, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Mitchell Weldon, EENG ‘17, Modeling the Effects of Plants on the Evaporative Mass Transfer of Water in an Innovative Living Green Wall System, New Haven, CT, USA

Gracie White, EVST ‘16, Internship with the New York City Assembly Environmental Committee, New York, NY, USA

Jacob Wolf-Sorokin, EP&E ‘16, Internship at the Environmental Protection Agency in the Office of the Adminstrator, Washington, D.C., USA

Joyce Xi, ECON ‘16, Research Internship: African Power Initiative, Kampala, Uganda

Riddhima Yadav, EP&E ‘18, ‘Road to Paris’ - Tracking Post 2015 Negotiations, Bonn, Germany and New Delhi, India