Summer Environmental Fellowhips: 2016

Duane Bean, EVST ‘17, Climate Change and Energy Research and Policy Intership with the Rachel Carson Council, Washington, D.C., USA

Rachel Calnek-Sugin, WGSS ‘19, Environmental & Economic Justice: An Internship with The Working World, New York, NY, USA

Claire Chang, EVST ‘18, Internship with the Sitka Local Foods Network, Sitka, AK, USA

Phoebe Chatfield, Undeclared ‘18, Focused and Embodied study on Climate Advocacy and Communications, Boston, MA, USA

Abigail Cheskis, EVST ‘17, Food as Lens for Climate Change Awareness and Action, Denver, CO, USA

Lillian Childress, EENG ‘17, Research and Development Internship at Terracycle, Inc., Trenton, NJ, USA

Elizabeth Dach, CHEM ‘17, Decaffination research with Paul Anastas, New Haven, CT, USA

Tasnim Elboute, EVST ‘17, Social Justice Considerations of the Food System : Research and Writing at Food First, Oakland, CA, USA

Max Farbman, HIST ‘18, Internship with the New Haven Land Trust, New Haven, CT, USA

Cayley Geffen, EVST ‘19, Environmental Monitoring with Farallon Institute for Advanced Ecosystem Research, Farallon Islands, CA, USA

Aleena Glinski, PHYS ‘17, Summer Learning Internships in the Peruvian High Amazon: “Sustainability through Indigenous Permaculture while Addressing the Climate Crisis” at the Sachamama Center for Biocultural Regeneration, Lamas, Peru

Emily Goldberg, E&EB ‘17, Do elephants eat more trees when less grass is available? A field study in Kruger National Park, South Africa, Skukuza, South Africa

Daniel Grosvenor, PLSC ‘18, Arcadia Power Internship, Washington, D.C., USA

Kimberly Guo, E&EB ‘17, Can a cool tropical forest lizard take the heat? The ramifications of climate change on a cool-adapted reptile, Coto Brus, Costa Rica

Calvin Harrison, EVST ‘17, Agricultural Land Use in Israeli and Palestinian National Identity, Jerusalem, Israel

Perry Holmes, ENGL ‘17, MAD Food Internship, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ella Jourdain, E&EB ‘17, Examining Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Mara River Hippo Pools, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Nicholas King, MCDB ‘18, Solar Energy and Women’s Empowerment, New Delhi, India

Yeonsoo Sara Lee, E&EB ‘17, Population versus Organismal Growth of D. Ambigua from Anadromous and Landlocked Lakes in CT, New Haven, CT, USA

Nathan Lobel, PLSC ‘17, Internship with Environmental League of Massachusetts, Boston, MA, USA

Eleanor Marshall, ANTH ‘17, Senior Project in Anthropology: Ethnographic Research, Bethlehem, Palestine

Amanda Mei, EVST ‘18, Science and Environmental Writing Internship, Washington, D.C., USA

Katherine Nehyba, EVST ‘17, Ecological Niche Modeling for Treeshrews (Mammalia, Scandentia), New Haven, CT, USA

Natalia Perelman, HSHM ‘17, Center for Science in the Public Interest, Washington, D.C., USA

Ella Schmidt, Undeclared ‘18, Lakes and Aquatic Invasive Species Intern in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, Rhinelander, WI, USA

Victoria Shepherd, EVST ‘17, A Critical Anaysis of Sustainability, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Ryan Simpson, GLBL ‘17, National Parks Board of Singapore Center for Urban Greenery and Ecology Research Intern, Singapore, Singapore

Grace Stonecipher, EVST ‘17, Anthropogenic Pollution and Lake Water Impacts in the Wind River Range, WY, USA

Avery Thompson, MCDB ‘17, Understanding the Role of Water Quality, Use, and Access in Children’s Diarrheal Outcomes, Santa Elena, Ecuador

Aaron Troncoso, EVST ‘17, Appalachian Trail Summer Research, Harper’s Ferry, WV, USA

Chelsea Watson, EVST ‘17, Internship at Navajo NGO in Arizona (Black Mesa Water Coalition), Flagstaff, AZ, USA