Summer Environmental Fellowship

Fellowship Application Deadline Friday, February 17, 2017

Students must also register with Yale Grants and Fellowships by the February 17, 2017 deadline:

Fellowship applications welcomed from all Yale undergraduates (except for graduating seniors) interested in learning about environmental issues this summer.

  • The summer experience should provide the student with a substantive environmental research or training opportunity. Possibilities include interning with an environmental organization or governmental agency or working on a research project in the field/laboratory at Yale or at another institution.
  • Students should investigate and select a suitable project, internship or training program before applying for the internship program. 
  • Potential applicants should discuss and develop their summer plans with a member of the Yale faculty in their area of interest.

When students return to campus in the fall, they will be required to submit a brief summary report detailing their experience along with pictures of their time away from campus. Students will also be required to participate in an experience-sharing presentation event (5 minute presentations from each recipient) which will take place in September. This event is meant to help other students to envision how they might use the SEF in future years.

Application Information

Please submit the following:

  1. Descriptive title and a 700 word description of the proposed plan of study, research, or internship project: Include details on exactly what you plan to do, and if pursuing independent research, how you will do it. Also include an explanation of how your plan relates to your educational goals and will broaden his/her understanding of environmental problems.
  2. Resume: No more than 2 pages with GPA included.
  3. Yale faculty letter: Include a letter approving the proposed project from a member of the Yale Faculty with whom you have discussed your summer plans. Ordinarily this should be the faculty member supervising you over the summer or your faculty advisor.
  4. External letter from your supervisor/contact/advisor: If a student has plans to intern or conduct a research project with anyone other than their Yale faculty advisor, including non-governmental organizations, government agencies, corporations or any other location - especially if your summer plans are outside of the U.S., then an external letter from the organization verifying your plans in required. This letter is in addition to the letter from your faculty advisor. We are mindful that often student plans are still being confirmed at the deadline for this fellowship, and thus will make all awards contingent upon receiving this letter if it is not provided at the time of application.
  5. Itemized budget: Program, travel, living, and personal research expenditures may be included in your budget. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to seek support for their project from more than one source. Include other possible sources of funding that you are applying for. Awards from all sources will be limited to the total amount needed for the project.

Email all application materials to Sara Smiley Smith (, EVST Program Manager by Friday, February 17, 2017. Letters of recommendation should be addressed to the Summer Environmental Fellowship Committee and be emailed to Sara as well. Again, external letters may be submitted after the deadline, but must be submitted before any funding will be released.

Applications will be reviewed by the fellowship faculty committee in late February. Applicants will be notified of their award status by the beginning of April 2017.