Summer Environmental Fellowships 2008

Brandon Berger, Environmental Studies ‘10, Faculty Advisors - John Wargo (F&ES and Political Science) and Ron Smith (G&G) Public Opinion and Renewable Energy Infrastructure: The Island of Culebra (8 weeks, Culebra, Puerto Rico)

Jacob Berv, Molecular & Cellular Biology ‘10, Faculty Advisors - Gisella Caccone (E&EB) and Rick Prum (E&EB)

Genetic Differentiation of Avifauna Due to Climate Induced Geographic Isolation (12 weeks, New Haven, CT)

Christopher Chau, Psychology ‘10,John Wargo (F&ES and Political Science) and Glenn Schafe (Pyschology) Environmental Sources of Carbon Monoxide and the Neurological Effects of Chronic Exposure in an Urban Setting (8 weeks, Shenzhen, China)

John Good, Environmental Studies ‘10, Faculty Advisor - Ellen Brennan-Galvin (F&ES)

Suburban Centers, Activity Nodes, Edge Cities: Transportation and Land Use Relationships in the Denver and Kansas City Metropolitan Areas (4 weeks, Kansas City, KS and 4 weeks, Denver, CO).

Rachel Harris, Environmental Studies ‘10, Faculty Advisor - Cynthia Horan (Political Science)

Miami21: National Ideals Meet Local Demands in Urban Form (12 weeks, Miami, FL)

Kathy Hughes, Environmental Studies ‘10, Faculty Advisor - Oswald Schmitz (F&ES)

How Does Habitat Structural Complexity Influence the Strength of Predator Prey Interactions? (15 weeks, Yale Myers Forest, CT)

Brittney Kajdacsi, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology ‘11, Faculty Advisor - Gisella Caccone (E&EB)

Extinction may not be Forever: Rescuing Lonesome George Lineage (8 weeks, New Haven, CT; 2 weeks, Galapagos)

William Kletter, Political Science ‘10, Faculty Advisor - Graeme Auld (Political Science)

Corporate Social Responsibility Asia - Bulldogs Program in Singapore (8 weeks, Singapore)

Peter Lu, Economics ‘11, Faculty Advisor - Paula Resch (English)

The Economics of Sustainable Farming at the Bilsa Biological Station, Ecuador (12 weeks, Ecuador)

Julia Lurie, Environmental Studies ‘11, Faculty Advisor - J. Gustave Speth (F&ES)

Indian Youth Climate Network - Climate Solutions Project (8 weeks, New Delhi, India)

Nisa Marks, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology ‘10, Faculty Advisor - David Skelly (F&ES)

Gene Flow and Temperature Dependent Development in Wood Frogs (16 weeks, New Haven, CT)

Julia Meisel, Environmental Studies ‘10, Faculty Advisor - John Wargo (F&ES and Political Science)

Yale Dining Services and Sustainable Food Project (12 weeks, New Haven, CT)

Jennifer Pan, Environmental Studies ‘10, Faculty Advisor - Rob Bailis (F&ES)

A Study on Algae Biofuel: Internship with the National Resources Defense Council (10 weeks, New York, NY)

Maclovia Quintana, Environmental Studies ‘11, Faculty Advisor - Melina Shannon-DiPietro (Yale Sustainable Food Project) Practical Permaculture for Sustainable Farming and Gardening in New Mexico course at the Permaculture Institute (3 weeks, NM)

Matthew Ramlow, Environmental Studies ‘11, Faculty Advisor - Mark Pagani (G&G)

Hydrology of the Palocene Eocene Thermal Maximum (12 weeks, New Haven, CT)

Aaron Reiss, Environmental Studies ‘10, Faculty Advisor - James Scott (Political Science)

Greening Sprawl:  Methods for Reconciling the American Dream with the Modern Sustainability Movement (3 weeks, India; 5 weeks, Ithaca, NY)

Christopher Shirley, Environmental Studies ‘10, Faculty Advisors - Carol Carpenter (F&ES) and Sandra Luckow (Theater Studies) Bike Collectives: A New Radical Model for Change (8 weeks, New York, NY)

Adrianne Smits, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology ‘10, Faculty Advisor - David Skelly (F&ES)

Urban/Suburban Proximity as a Possible Cause of Sexual Deformity in Amphibians (12 weeks, New Haven, CT)

Denise Soesilo, Environmental Studies ‘11, Faculty Advisor - Thomas Graedel (F&ES)

Cell Phone Recycling in the European Union under the WEEE Directive (12 weeks, Germany)

Peter Thompson, Undeclared ‘12, Faculty Advisor - David Post (E&EB)

Applying Eco-Evolutionary Mechanisms to the Morphology and Foraging Behavior of Bluegills in the Lakes of Southern New England (12 weeks, New Haven, CT)

Michele Trickey, Physics ‘10, Faculty Advisor - Ron Smith (G&G)

Precipitation Dynamics on the Dry Ecuadorian Coast (2 weeks, Ecuador)

Rebecca Trupin, International Studies ‘11, Faculty Advisors - Jordan Peccia (ENVE)

Pasha Moto: Biogas for Better Cities (10 weeks, Tanzania)

Cornelia (Lily) Twining, Environmental Studies ‘11, Faculty Advisor - David Post (E&EB)

A Study in the Mechanism of Eco-evolutionary Feedback in Freshwater Systems (12 weeks, New Haven, CT)

Chun Ying Wang, Environmental Studies ‘10, Faculty Advisor - John Wargo (F&ES and Political Science)

An Economic and Environmental Analysis of New York City Community Gardens (10 weeks, New York, NY)

Dana Wu, Architecture ‘10, Faculty Advisor - Bimal Mendis (Architecture)

Rebuilding Sichuan Sustainably: Drawing Upon Vernacular Architecture and Landscape Strategies (8 weeks, China)

Jiaona Zhang, Economics ‘10, Faculty Advisor - Gordon Geballe (F&ES)

The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Green Energy Lending in Asia (8 weeks, Beijing, China)

Charles Zhu, Environmental Studies ‘11, Faculty Advisor - Gordon Geballe (F&ES)

A Field Assessment of Chinese Motivations and Opinions Regarding Private Car Ownership and its Environmental Consequences (8 weeks, China)