Summer Environmental Fellowships 2010

Sarah Armitage, ‘12- Sustainablity and Design: Scandinavian Style, Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark

Luke Aronson, EVST ‘11 - Title Not Available, Verno Systems, Seattle, WA

Amanda Bennet, ‘12 - Title Not Available

Joanne Choi, EVST ‘11 - The Role of Microbial Symbionts in Jellyfish Reproduction Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Yale University Long Island Sound, CT

Frances Douglas, EVST ‘11 - Sanction Laws & Sustainable Development International Union for Conservation of Nature, Washington, DC

Andrew Eberle, EVST ‘11 - Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: European Environmental Policy,

The Nature Conservancy, Berlin, Germany

Hilary Faxon, EVST ‘11 - Perceptions of the Environment, Culture, and Spirituality Across Ethnicities,

Harwood Museum, Taos, NM

Reuben Fischer-Baum, EVST ‘01 - The Economic Benefit and Value of Urban Trees, Serhum Saglam, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey

Taylor Gregoire-Wright, EVST ‘12 - Weathering the Tide: Coastal Ecosystems & Climate Change,

La Fundacion Futuro Lantinoamericano, Ecuador

Brittney Kajdacsi, EEB ‘11 - Molecular Phylogeny of Endangered Galapagos Tortises Yale Conservation Genetics Laboratory, New Haven, CT

Eli Mitchell-Larson, EVST ‘12 - Remote Sensing as an Important Tool for Balkan Old Growth Forests

University of Ljubljana - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Caroline Nash, EVST ‘11 - Ecological, Social & Political Implications of Dam Removal

Klamath Tribes, Chiloquin, OR

Maclovia Quintana, EVST ‘11 - Permaculture Promotes Sustainable Farming Communities in New Mexico,

The Garden’s Edge, Santa Fe, NM

Leslie Roberson, EVST ‘11 - Saving the Tropics One Small Sea Turtle at a Time, Protective Turtle Ecology Center for Training, Outreach & Research,Punta Raton, Honduras

Kalani Rosell, EVST ‘11 - Sustainable Agriculture in Ethiopia Human Relations Area Files, New Haven, CT

Hazel Scher, EVST ‘11 - Sustainable Spaces: Converting Abandoned Real Estate in Urban Renewal

College of Environmental Design, UC Berkeley - Berkeley, CA

Catherine Sheard, MATH ‘12 - Ecology of Tropical Rainforests and Their Canopies Institute for Tropical Ecology & Conservation, Panama City, Panama

Dacia Thompson, ENVE ‘12 - Sustainable Farming Practices in the Tropics Semillia Nueva, Xela, Guatamala

Cornelia Twining, EVST ‘11 - Paleoecological Research on Keystone Fish Species Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Charles Zhu, EVST ‘11 - Biking in Cities: the Relationship among Urban Landscape & Cycling Gehl Architects Copenhagen, Denmark

Julie Zhu, ‘12 - Tropical Biology, Organization of Tropical Studies, Duke University - La Selva, Costa Rica