Peer Mentor Program

2022-2023 Peer Mentors

To more effectively disseminate valuable information regarding the major, the Yale College Dean Office has established an informal peer mentoring system. Peer mentors are trained to convey advice and information to their peers, as a way of increasing and diversifying mentoring resources within majors. Environmental Studies peer mentors meet with prospective and current majors to provide advice and information regarding EVST. They can answer questions about what it’s like to major in EVST, what classes you may wish to take in the major, and how to find your concentration courses. First-year and sophomore students are encouraged to contact EVST Mentors with questions about EVST.

Selin Goren Energy and Climate BS’24, Timothy Dwight College

Selin Goren is a rising junior at Yale College pursuing a BS degree in Environmental Studies, a certificate in Energy Studies, and an advanced language certificate in Spanish. She’s from Turkey and is engaged in climate advocacy in her hometown, Istanbul. She’s passionate about the green energy transition of companies and cities, youth participation in climate politics, along with  the intersectionality of environmental justice. At Yale, she’s working as a Sustainability Liaison in TD College and the Student Director for EVST.  This summer, she is interning at Yale Carbon Containment Lab. Outside of classes, Selin can be found acting, dancing, bird-watching, or chatting with her friends in the Timothy Dwight College courtyard. Selin is so happy to be a part of the EVST community and excited to help students navigate the various EVST classes and opportunities this year!
Bennett Hall Environmental Policy BA’22.5, Timothy Dwight College
Bennett is double majoring in EVST and Economics.  He is passionate about addressing financial gaps needed to fulfill a clean energy transition. Bennett has gained experience in legislative, environmental, and financial sectors through summer internships with the US House of Representatives, TerraCycle, and Partners Capital Investment Group, respectively. On campus, Bennett has served as a Captain for Yale Club Running, 4-year Captain for TD’s A Hoops team, Chief of Staff for the Yale Rural Students Alliance (RSAY), and Project Manager for the pro-bono consulting group Yale Net Impact.  He has also served as a writer for the Yale Center for Business and the Environment in partnership with the Clean Energy Finance Forum, spotlighting innovative companies developing renewable energy solutions. 
Ellie Jose Forest Science and Ecology BS’23, Pierson College 
Ellie is passionate about using developments in forest science and ecology to inform sustainable forest management, and vice versa. She has spent two summers at Yale Myers Forest conducting independent research, a place she considers to be a home away from home. Ellie is a captain of Yale Ramona (the women’s ultimate frisbee team), a Pierson IM Secretary, a FOOT leader, and undergraduate researcher through the Yale School of the Environment. Outside of Yale, Ellie competes internationally with steel bands, is a Director at Students for Gun Legislation, and is a political organizer at many levels of government. She is excited to continue her relationship with the EVST program and all of the people in it! Feel free to email her with any questions, comments, or ideas!

Ben Everett-Lane Energy & Climate BS‘24, Berkeley College 

Ben is a junior majoring on the Energy & Climate BS track also pursuing certificates in Chinese and Statistics & Data Science with specific interests in climate science and communication. Ben currently works as a research assistant for the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. He has previously worked as an assistant editor, reviewer, and co-author for YSE Professor Florencia Montagnini on her conservation book, research assistant for YCELP on their 2022 EPI report, conference planner for the IUCN, and wilderness trips leader for Overland. This summer Ben worked for WildRoots-India, an environmental education organization based in Guwahati, to help plan and run India’s first youth climate and conservation fellowship program. Ben is incredibly excited to get to know all the other wonderful people in the EVST community, so please reach out if you have any questions at all or just want to get a meal!

Bella Rosado Biodiversity and Conservation B.S’23, Berkeley College

Bella Rosado is a member of BK Class of 2023. She is completing a BS Degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Biodiversity and Conservation. Growing up in the Bay Area, CA, her interests in wildlife ecology and environmental justice continued at Yale, where she has studied the importance of saline lakes on migratory birds in Oregon, the impacts of climate change on traditional practices of indigenous groups in Namibia, and the changes within trophic levels in kelp forests in Santa Cruz. She currently lives in Bend, Oregon and she’s completing her senior thesis with the Burke/Lauenroth Lab at YSE titled: The impact of mastication on the spatial distribution of soil carbon and nitrogen in a sagebrush steppe landscape. She is thrilled to be an EVST mentor this year and she’s always happy to connect about anything environmental related!