EVST Opportunities Database

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Opportunity Type Organization Original Year Posted Country State Opportunity Field(s) Eligibility Time Commitment Paid? Wage Time of Year Time Length Cost Contact Link
The Dangermond Fellowship (National Audubon Society) Fellowship National Audubon Society, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) 2019 United States of America geographic information systems, Conservation, GIS, Non-profit, Wildlife, Wildlife Conservation Undergraduate, Graduate Paid
NSF Spatiotemporal Innovation Center (STC) Research Assistant Fellowship, Research NSF Spatiotemporal Innovation Center (STC) 2019 United States of America Virginia, Massachusetts, California computer science, geographic information systems, GIS, geology, geosciences Undergraduate Paid Summer 7 Weeks Dr. Manzhu Yu (myu7@gmu.edu), Dr. Chaowei Yang (cyang3@gmu.edu)
Taiwan-America Student Conference - "Environmental Systems and Sustainability" Event, Study Abroad Taiwan-America Student Conference 2019 Taiwan Undergraduate, Graduate Varies Summer 3 Weeks $1350 executivecommittee@taiwan-america.org
World Wildlife Fund Food Waste Data Analyst Intern Internship World Wildlife Fund (WWF) 2019 United States of America Washington, D.C. Food Waste, Food Sustainability, Data Analysis Undergraduate Part Time Paid
Yale Sustainable Food Program Lazarus Summer Internship Internship Yale Sustainable Food Program 2019 United States of America Connecticut Urban Agriculture, Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture Sophomores, Juniors, Undergraduate Full Time Paid $4, 000 Summer Jeremy.Oldfield@yale.edu
Centre for Public Impact Summer Associate Internship Centre for Public Impact 2019 United States of America Juniors, Seniors, Graduate Paid Summer 8 weeks
Toledo Institute for Development and Environment Internship Internship Toledo Institute for Development and Environment 2019 Belize Punta Gorda Urban Forestry, Urban Planning, Environmental Education, Conservation Undergraduate, Graduate Unpaid Summer tien.tran@yale.edu
Middlebury School of the Environment: Study Environmental Issues in China Study Abroad Middlebury School of the Environment 2019 China Yunnan Province Undergraduate, Graduate Unpaid Summer 6 weeks
The 2019 Glacier Bay Session in Glacier Bay National Park Academic Course, Research, Study Abroad, Training The Arete Project 2019 United States of America Alaska Undergraduate Summer
Oxford Enterprise and the Environment Summer School Study Abroad University of Oxford 2019 England Undergraduate, Graduate Unpaid Summer andrew.mccarthy@smithschool.ox.ac.uk