Congratulations to our 2018 EVST Graduates and Prize Winners!

May 22, 2018

Twenty-four Yale College Environmental Studies seniors received their degrees on Monday, May 21st.  We are so proud of this incredibly talented group of scholars! 

Five Gaylord Donnelley Prizes were awarded to EVST seniors for excellent interdisciplinary scholarship demonstrated in their senior essays. The prize is an award of $500.00. The 2018 recipients were:

·      Joel Abraham Drought-Response Strategies of Savanna Herbivores. Advisor: Carla Staver

·      Nicole Boardman Glyphosate in Corn Products: Investigating Patterns and Risks of Residue Levels. Advisor: John Wargo 

·      Maya Jenkins Environmental Violence and Resistance while Incarcerated: An Exploration of Spatial Rupturing & Place-Based Imaginations in New York Prisons.  Advisor: Laura Barraclough

·      Amanda Mei The Spirit that Moves US: A study of the Spiritual and Sustainable Development of Intentional Communities. Advisor: Carol Carpenter

·      Claire Gottsegen Species delimitation of the Snail Darter, Percina tanasi, and its implications in U.S. Conservation Policy. Advisor: Thomas Near

Two 1st Place Library Map Prizes Winners were awarded to EVST seniors for the best use of maps in a senior essay. The prize is an award of $500. The prize winners were:

·      Madeline Zimmerman The Changing Fate of Thailand’s Elephants, But a Future Worth Fighting For: The Interplay of Culture and Ecology for Conservation. Advisor: Oswald Schmidt

·      Liliane Lindsay Indonesia’s Burning Issue: Why Deforestation Continues to Decimate the Nation Despite Decades of Environmental Policy. Advisor: John Wargo


Congratulations to all our EVST 2018 graduates! We will miss you! Stay in touch!