Summer Research Experience Opportunity, Yale Peat Carbon Project

March 22, 2019

The Yale Peat Carbon Project is looking for two to four summer interns to conduct field research in northeastern Maine under the direction of Peter Raymond and Mark Bradford, professors at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and Dean Takahashi of the Yale Investments Office. Students will work closely with foresters of Wagner Forest Management who oversee and manage the peatlands as part of commercial timberlands.

Research interns should be:

Committed to combatting climate change and love the outdoors. Willing to put in long arduous hours, withstand mosquitoes and black flies, schlep gear and scientific instruments through rough terrain and wet bogs.

Capable of careful and meticulous data collection and analysis. Resourceful and creative problem solvers in remote field conditions. Bring to bear strong quantitative and analytical skills combined with the ability to use a hammer, saw and GPS.

Curious to learn understand the dynamics of methanogenesis and methanotrophy, eddy flux gas analysis, native trees, shrubs, sedges, and sphagnum species.

Conscientious and concerned for teammates and community. Polite, prompt and willing to do whatever needs to be done.

Research assistants will receive two weeks of training in New Haven and then spend up to eight weeks in northeastern Maine where housing will be provided. Stipend for ten weeks will be $6,000. Opportunities exist for continuing research during the school year.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to Dean Takahashi, Senior Director, Yale Investments Office at