BS Program Requirements

BS Program

Please refer to the BS Checklist or required prerequisites and core courses.

Concentration Courses

Students plan their concentration in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies and the student’s adviser. A concentration is defined as six courses that provide depth in a problem or issue of interest, as well as disciplinary expertise. The concentration must contain 3 SC designated courses approved by the director of undergraduate studies.  One course must be an advanced seminar (200 level or above) that exposes students to primary literature, extensive writing requirements and experience with research methods.  The final two courses in the concentration are electives, and are meant to provide interdisciplinary context to the concentration. 

Senior Seminar and Essay

Seniors must complete two terms of an independent empirical research project and participate in the senior colloquium, taken as EVST 496 a and b.  Students consult with their advisers on the design of the project and submit a preliminary plan to the director of undergraduate studies for approval.  For examples of past senior essay topics, visit the Student Research section of our website (only BA projects prior to 2016). For a copy of the Senior Essay Handbook, click here.

  • EVST 496 (a and b): Senior Research Project and Colloquium. Independent research under the supervision of members of the faculty, resulting in a senior essay. Students meet with peers and faculty members regularly throughout the fall term to discuss the progress of their research. Projects should offer substantial opportunity for interdisciplinary work on environmental problems.