Declaring EVST as your Major

You may declare EVST as your major at any time during your first two years at Yale by signing in to the Yale Hub and following the steps in “Declare a Major/Degree” under the Academic Information Menu and seclecting either the BA or BS degree . Once you select EVST as your major, the EVST DUS becomes your faculty adviser. If you select the BA program, your advisor will be Michael Fotos. If you select the BS program, your advisor will be Kealoha Freidenburg.

Choosing a second major (double major)

If you plan to complete the requirements of two majors, please talk with your residential college dean. Note that each major must be completed independently of the other, with no more than two term courses overlapping. 

You must petition the Committee on Honors and Academic Standing (CHAS) to be allowed to complete two majors. To do so, click on the Petition to Complete the Requirements of Two Majors, available on the University Registrar’s Forms & Petitions webpage.  

More information about declaring a major at Yale can be found here.