Preparing for the Major: Prerequisites

Students interested in pursuing a BS in Environmental Studies are encouraged to complete the prerequisite courses by the end of their sophomore year, however students are not required to have all of them completed at the time of application. There are no prerequisites for the BA Program.  Download a BS prerequisite and  requirement checklist here.

BS Prerequisites

Biology (4 courses, 2 credits)

  • BIOL 101 (Biochemistry and Biophysics) and 102 (Prin of Cell Bio and Memb Phys);

  • BIOL 103 (Genes and Development) and 104 (Ecology and Evolutionary Bio)

Chemistry (2 courses, 2 credits)

  • CHEM 161 and CHEM 165 (General Chemistry I and II); or,

  • CHEM 163 and CHEM 167 (Comprehensive University Chemistry I and II)

Natural Science Laboratory or Field Course (1 course, .5–1 credit)

  • One semester of chemistry lab (e.g. CHEM 116L, 117L or higher); or,

  • One semester of another natural science laboratory or field course (e.g. EVST 202L, EVST 221, EVST 234L, EVST 244, EVST 290, EVST 362 or G&G 126L)  

Math, Physics, or Statistics (1 course, 1 credit)

  • MATH 112 (Calculus of Functions) or higher (excluding MATH 190); or,  

  • PHYS 170 (Introductory Physics) or higher; or,

  • STAT 101-106 (Introductory Statistics) or higher