Program Staff

John Wargo's picture John Wargo, Ph.D.
Chair, Tweedy/Ordway Professor Yale School of the Environment
Kroon Hall, Room 124
Phone: (203) 432-5123
Kealoha Freidenburg's picture Kealoha Freidenburg, Ph.D.
Associate DUS, BS Program; Lecturer in Environmental Studies and Yale School of Environment
Phone: (203) 464-7269
Michael Fotos's picture Michael Fotos, Ph.D.
DUS, Lecturer in Environmental Studies and Political Science
53 Wall Street, Room 218
Phone: (203) 436-5190
Linda Evenson's picture Linda Evenson
Program Manager
Kroon Hall, Room G-04
Phone: Office: (203) 432-9868 Cell: (860) 227-6549
Selin Goren's picture Selin Goren
Student Director
Ben Everett-Lane's picture Ben Everett-Lane
Event Coordinator
Grace Cajski's picture Grace Cajski
Communications Coordinator

Environmental Studies Advisory Committee: 2022-23

  • Gary W. Brudvig, Yale Departments of Chemistry and Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry, green chemistry, biophysical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry

  • Anna Dyson, Yale School of Architecture and Yale School of the Environment, novel architectural systems focused on reinventing the DNA of the built fabric to take on the challenge of metabolizing energy, water and materials within architecture in radically new ways.

  • Michael Fotos, Yale Department of Political Science, political theory and policy analysis, coal mining regulation, voter turnout, and ecosystem services.  

  • Kealoha Freidenburg, Yale School of the Environment, kealoha.freidenburg@yale.edufreshwater ecosystems with a particular focus on amphibians, ecology, conservation, and field-based approaches to learning. 

  • Michael Oristaglio, Yale Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide by mineral carbonation; mathematics of seismic imaging and inversion; airborne geophysical remote sensing; technology and policy strategies for sustainable resource management.

  • Jeffery Park, Yale Department of Geology & Geophysics, earthquakes, climate cycles, aerosols and cloud formation

  • Stephen Pitti, Yale Department of History and of American Studies; Director, Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity and Transnational Migration, Latino Studies, Ethnic Studies, Western History, 20th-century immigration, civil rights, and related subjects

  • Krystall Pollit, Yale Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering,  relationship between exposure to complex mixtures of air pollutants and disease

  • Jennifer Raab, Yale Department of the History of Art, jennifer.raab@yale.eduart of the United States and the history of photography; landscape studies, the history of science and medicine, the visual culture of war, racial violence, and memory, and the intersections between texts and images.

  • Elihu Rubin, Yale School of Architecture and American Studies, built environments of nineteenth and twentieth-century cities, history and theory of city planning, urban geography and the cultural landscape, transportation and mobility, architectural preservation and heritage planning, and the social life of urban space

  • Paul Sabin, Yale Department of History, environmental history, energy politics, natural resource development in the Western US

  • Oswald Schmitz, Yale School of the Environment, dyanmics and structure of terrestrial food webs

  • Karen SetoYale School of the Environment, contemporary urbanization and global environmental change, urbanization and land use, food systems, biodiversity, and climate change.

  • Shivi Sivaramakrishnan, Yale Department of Anthropology and Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, environmental history, political anthropology, cultural geography, rural development

  • Carla Staver, Yale Department of  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: empirical and theoretical approaches to explore the dynamics and distributions of biomes, with a special focus on tropical savanna and forest

  • Paul Turner, Yale Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, infectious disease, evolutionary medicine

  • John Wargo, Yale Department of Political Science and Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, environment and public health, children’s exposure to pollutants

  • Michael Warner, Yale Department of English, Early American literature and print culture

  • Harvey Weiss, Yale Department of Near East Languages and Civilizations, Early agriculture, anthropocene

All Environmental Studies Associated Faculty