New Student Job Opportunities - Hixon Center

August 26, 2021



The mission of the Hixon Center is to understand and enhance the urban environment. It pursues this objective by providing an interdisciplinary context for students, scholars and practitioners to pursue research, teaching and applied activities, emphasizing various themes including:

  • Interdisciplinary urban science and policy
  • Community-based land stewardship and resource management
  • Sustainable urban environmental design
  • Urban environmental education
  • Urban water cycle
  • Urban ecosystem services

Through these and other emphases, the Hixon Center pursues the following objectives:

  • Advancing fundamental knowledge and understanding of urban ecosystems
  • Minimizing and mitigating harm to and restoring natural systems in urban areas
  • Fostering the positive experience of natural systems among urban residents tp the physical and mental well-being of urban dwellers 
  • Providing all incoming students a foundational understanding of urban ecosystems through “Mods.”

New Student Job Opportunity - Hixon Center Communications

This Yale student position will focus on supporting the Hixon Center urban conference and prepare a written summary of the conference proceedings. The 2021 annual Hixon conference will concentrate on COVID’s Impact & The Future of Cities. This student will draft panel summaries and engage conference speakers on final edits of the summary to be published on the Hixon Center website. Apply via the Yale Student Jobs website.

New Student Job Opportunity - Hixon Research Assistant

The Hixon Research Assistant will synthesize knowledge about how cities can be more sustainable and will compile and/or write case studies of compelling examples of cities accomplishments in sustainability. Our aim is to provide case study examples bridging research to policy and/or practice, which will be published on the Hixon Center website. Apply through the Yale Student Jobs website.