Senior Essays 1985-2007


  • Adenike Adeyeye, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Carol Carpenter): Sanitation in Batey Libertad: Latrine Use and Waste Disposal Practices
  • Christa Anderson, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Oswald Schmitz): Livestock Predation Patterns and Incidents in Northern Tanzania
  • Duncan Cheung, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Sheila Olmstead): Money in, Water out: Qualitative Analysis of U.S. Municipal Wastewater Financing Options and Recommendations to China’s Wastewater Treatment Expansion
  • Caitlin Clarke, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Jeffrey Park): An Oil Company Goes Green: A Successful Environmental Campaign in the Ecuadorian Amazon
  • Bjorn Fredrickson, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Michael Dove): Engaging Diversity: Resettlement Planning on China’s Nu River
  • Qazim Hyseni, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Gisella Caccone): Galapagos Giant Tortoises: Conservation on the Island of Santa Cruz: Morphological and Genetic Distinctiveness of the “12th” Taxon
  • Erin Lin, Environmental Studies (Advisor: John Wargo): Phnom Penh’s Poor: A Preliminary Investigation in Assocations between Environmental Conditions and Health Symptoms in Cambodian Slums
  • Tanya Martinez, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Carol Carpenter): Batey Libertad: Inequality of Access to Water
  • Victoria Nelson, Environmental Studies (Advisor: John Wargo): The Johnson Paradox: Reconciling a Nationial Bird Refuge and Protection of National Security
  • Ashley Roberts, Environmental Studies (Advisor: John Wargo): Investigation of Coalbed Methane Water Discharge Impacts on Soils in Ephemeral Stream Channels in Wyoming
  • Mirko Serkovic, Environmental Studies (Advisor: John Grim): Why is Material Pollution Accepted in a Sacred Environment? Examining the Worldview of Modern Hindus with Respect to Spiritual Purity and Material Dirtiness in the River Ganges, India
  • Rebecca Toseland, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Robert Mendelsohn): Beyond the Environmental Kuznets Curve: The Political Economy of Pollution Control in Post-World War II Japan


  • J. Brandon Berkeley, Environmental Studies (Advisor: John Wargo): The Athens Metro Project: Public Transportation in Urban Planning
  • Shani Harmon, Environmental Studies (Advisor: John Wargo): American Indian Cultures and Climate Change in the Chesapeake Bay Region
  • Laura Hess, Environmental Studies (Advisor: John Wargo): Liberalization and Its Discontents: The Impacts of the North American Free Trade Agreement on corm Production in Mexico
  • John Kaufman, Environmental Studies (Advisor: John Wargo): Environmental Justice in Fairhaven
  • Dawn Lippert, Environmental Studies (Advisors: John Wargo and Oswald Schmitz): The Two Thousand Pound Question: An Analysis of Leatherback Sea Turtle Management on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico
  • Ariane Lotti, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Mary Helen Goldsmith): Monitoring the Connection Between Humans and the Land: The Use of Indicators on Three Farms in Italy
  • Jasmine Low, Environmental Studies (Advisors: Gordon Geballe and Don Green): The Effects of Personal Appeals to Recycle: A Field Study
  • Michelle Quibell, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Marion Chertow): Evaluating Urban Brownfield Success: A Comprehensive Case Study of Atlantic Station
  • Sarah Selig, Environmental Studies (Advisor: John Wargo): The Externalities of Tobacco Production: Creating a Framework for Analysis
  • Karen Stamieszkin, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Oswald Schmitz): Feasting: Sustainability of the Oyster Aquaculture Industry, Damariscotta River, Maine
  • Leanna Sudhof, Environmental Studies (Advisor: John Wargo): A Very Selective Evaluation of Malaria Control Efforts in Africa South of the Sahara: The Global Fund and ITNs


  • Aravinda Ananda, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Carol Carpenter): Understanding Development in a Coastal Ecuadorian Village: An Alternative Direction of Development for Human Well-being
  • Lucas Knowles, Environmental Studies (Advisors: John Wargo and Oswald Schmitz): The Saga of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: North to the Future?
  • Danielle Larson, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Susan Clark): Shoreline Development in the Adirondack Park A Case Study of North Elba and Lake Placid
  • Flora Lichtman, Environmental Studies (Advisor: John Wargo): Crafting Sound Policy: The Origins, Evolution and Mis-regulation of Ocean Noise
  • Melanie Loftus, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Steven Stoll): Smart Growth in Prince George’s County, Maryland: Protecting Affordability While Encouraging Growth
  • Megan O’Connor, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Steven Stoll): The Motivations of Wildlife Rehabilitation or Crazy Squirrel Ladies: What Are They Thinking?
  • Xizhou Zhou, Environmental Studies (Advisor: John Wargo): Greening the Industrial Facility across Borders – Two Cases of Multinational Corporations’ Environmental Management in China


  • Livia DeMarchis, Environmental Studies (Advisor: John Wargo): Amphibian Conservation: The Public Perception, Policy, and Science of Declines and Deformity
  • Anna Gross, Environmental Studies (Advisors: Oswald Schmitz and Susan Clark): Habitat Conservation Planning: The Need for and Challenges in Rescaling Conservation to an Ecoystem Level - A Policy Science and Ecological Perspective
  • Sparsh Khandeshi, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Ron Smith): Detecting Mountain Meadow Vulnerability to Recreational Packstock
  • Christopher McPhee, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Harvey Weiss): Climate and Cultural Collapse: The Anasazi Implications for Abrupt Human Change
  • Todd Montgomery, Environmental Studies (Advisors: Susan Clark, John Wargo, and Bill Burch): Eagles and Bogeys: In the Canyon Golf Club Decision Process
  • Christine Pham, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Kathleen McAfee): Small-Scale Rural Development in Tanzania Under the Global Service Corps Biotintensive Agriculture Project: Learning from Lessons Past
  • Michael Renda, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Karl Storchmann): An Evaluation of Government Policies to Increase Fuel Economics
  • Linda Shi, Environmental Studies (Advisor: Carol Carpenter): Dichotomies of Power and Priority: Sustainable Development on Sao Tome E Principe
  • Marina Spitkovskyaya, Environmental Studies (Advisor: John Wargo): In Defense of the Earth
  • Rachel Wasser, Environmental Studies (Advisors: Andrew Schrank and Christopher Timmons): The Ad Hoc Approach at “Work” Weakening the GEF’s Project Portfolio: Local Benefits in the GEF’s Biodiversity Conservation Projects - Two Case Studies


  • Brian Boyd, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Delores Hayden): The Coyote in the Garden
  • Justin Davis, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Robert Evenson): “Green Energy”: A Contingent Valuation of Wind Generated Energy
  • Kristi Loui, Studies in the Environment: Desert Oases: Phoenix and Utopia
  • Sara Wood, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Theodora Pinou): The Effects of Anthropological Pollution on Amoeba Pelomyxa Carolinensis


  • Viviann Chui, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Sylvia Tesh): The Mis(communication) of Climate Change: Media Coverage of Scientific Uncertainty
  • Dylan Fuge, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Robert Gordon): The Clark Fork River System, Butte, Montana: An Examination of Contamination Caused by Copper Mining and the Potential for the Region’s Rehabilitation - A Scientific and Policy Perspective
  • Meghan MacLeod, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Michael Kashgarian and Brian Leaderer): Heat Shock Proteins: Cellular Superheroes in the Face of Environmental Pollution
  • Josh Mukhopadyay, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Mark Ashton and Helen Goldsmith): Monodominant Ecosystems and Their Impacts on Forest Management: The Case of Guadua weberbaueri in Southeastern Peru
  • Eric Shelov, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Robert Gordon): The Potential for Metal Recovery in the Palmerton Zinc Pile
  • Nicholas Stucky, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Mark Ashton and Prasad Thenkabail): Assessing Carbon Sequestration in Agro-forests with Satellite Remote Sensing


  • Andrew Borbely, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Stephen Kellert and Robert Sternberg): The Psychology of Environmental Education: Constructing Effective Curriculum Through the Application of Psychological Theory
  • Julie Brackin, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Thomas McCarthy and Bill Birch): Myopic Lobstermen in the Face of Disaster: A at the Swan’s Island, Maine Lobster Fishery
  • Susan Brown, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Nancy Cott and John Wargo): The Silent Leader: Rachel Carson’s Role in the Emergence of the Modern Environmental Movement
  • Rachel Gruzen, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Robert Gordon): Agricultural Architecture and a History of Land Use on Rollwood Farm, Guilford, CT
  • Michael Jensen, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Max Page and Thomas Graedel): Waste is Regarded as Almost Criminal: The Policy and Practice of Waste Elimination in the Ford Motor Company, 1919-1946
  • Hank Kessler, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Jay Gitlin and Fred Meyerson): Volkswagen Beetle to Ford Excursion: Baby Boomers, The Automobile Industry, and the Rise of the Sport Utility Vehicle
  • Katie Scharf, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Fred Meyerson): Coal Mines and Mountaintops: The Debate over Surface Mining Regulation in West Virginia, 1900-2000
  • Geoffrey Suttle, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: John Wargo): Rethinking Natural Resource Management in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem


  • Rachel Brakeman, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Gordon Geballe): Thinking About Pesticide Use on Golf Courses: A Comparison of Management Strategies at The Yale Golf Course in New Haven, CT and The Weymouth Course in Medina, OH
  • Lee Collins, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Thomas Graedel): Designing Environmentally Responsible High-Density Housing
  • Sarah Hillinshead, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: John Wargo): The Big Mess: Environmental Policy and Contamination at the Massachusetts Miliary Reservation
  • Lise Johnson, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Steven Stoll): Symbols of Change: Mexican Wolves in the Southwest: From Extirpation through Reintroduction
  • Amar Mann, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Christopher Timmons and Lynne Bennett): Economic Efficiency Impacts of the Water Transfer Agreements between the Imperial Irrigation District and the City of San Diego
  • Joshua Olsen, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Gordon Geballe and Alexander Garvin): Planned Communities: Are they Worth it? An Analysis of Financial and Environmental Viability
  • Sarah Reed, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Cathy Cohen and Fred Meyerson): Reflections on the Making of Space
  • Katherine Spector, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Leonard Wantchekon): Ownership Patterns in Petrostates: The Implications of Discontinuity of Cost-bearing and Benefit Acquisition in Rentier Economies


  • A. Elliot Blanchard, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Steven Stoll): A Lesson in Legislation: The Implementation of the Clean Air Act in Connecticut
  • Rebecca Birch, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Steven Stoll): Reimagining Central Park in the 20th Century: The Two Visions of Frederick Law Olmsted and Robert Moses
  • Janae Deverell, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Jonathan Lees): Arguments for Seismic Array Research and Hazard Mitigation in Alaska
  • Andrea Kirk, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Christopher Timmins and Dan Esty): The Relationship Between Corporate Financial and Environmental Performance: A Multiple Regression Analysis of the U.S. Chemical Industry
  • Everett Meyer, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: John Wargo): Medicine and the Environment
  • Robert Meyer, Studies in the Environment: Boston’s Waterfront: A Cultural Landscape History
  • Robert Trostle, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Alexander Garvin): Hartford: A Study and Proposal for the Park River


  • Jeannie Cho, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Graeme Berlyn): Going Organic in the Twenty-First Century: An Effort Beyond Recycling and Munching Sprouts
  • Sunny Chu, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Dan Esty): Cutting Through the Smog: Urban Ozone Control and Fairness
  • Meredith Fort, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Florencia Montagnini): Agroforestry as a Sustainable Land Use in the Peten, Guatemala: Perspectives for the Future
  • Jennifer George, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Xing-Wang Deng): Lux Et Herbae
  • Michael Jung, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Gordon Geballe): Enough
  • Minh Martin, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Kathryn Dudley): Just Another Animal? Apes and Humans at the Zoo
  • Jason Medeiros, Studies in the Environment: Microbes and Chemical Clean up: Acinetobacter and Bioremediation
  • Samuel Porat, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Robert Evenson): Capital Market Alternatives to Traditional Risk-Hedging for Financing Environmental Risk Exposures
  • Darcy Whaley, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: John Mack Faragher): Early American Land Laws, 1785-1820: Turning Wilderness into Real Estate


  • Graham Brownstein, Studies in the Environment: The Road More Traveled: Private Transportation, Public Space
  • Erik Grafe, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Candance Waid and Steven Stoll): Timlessness, Bloody Soil, and Tradition: Faulkner’s Landscapes of Meaning and Misperception in an Agrarian Context
  • Monique Griswold, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Steven Stoll): Environmental Problems of Iron Mining and its Affects on Water Quality in the Great Lakes Region
  • Rebekah Heiser, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Steven Stoll): Garbage Maker and Garbage Taker: Municipal Solid Waste Generation and Management in Orange County, CA
  • Jessica Lux, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Steven Stoll): Prophetic Bedrock
  • Sandra Ro, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Steven Stoll): The Gulf Wars, Chemical Weapons, and the Environment: History Lessons for the Future
  • Michelle Solomon, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Deborah Kaspin): Just Another Animal? Apes and Humans at the Zoo


  • Amy Busch, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Steven Stoll): The Circle of Life: A Case Study of Lyme Disease
  • Daniel Belin, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Robin Winks): The Comstock Lode: Its Formation and History as Shaped by Interactions Between Humans and their Environment
  • Anne Guerry, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Oswald Schmitz): The Fusion of Ecology and Wildlife Management: Perspectives on Wolf Control in Alaska
  • Roger Levine, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Robert Harms): Changes and Markets in the Knysna and Witwatersrand Landscapes to 1899
  • Benjamin Mann, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Steven Stoll): NAFTA and the Environment: A Study of the NAFTA and its Regulatory Devices for Pollution Control
  • Helen Mayes, Studies in the Environment: Counterculture Utopia: American Sixties Counterculture Migration to the West Kootenay Region of British Columbia
  • Kristen McDonald, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Margaret Homans): Retrovirus and Retro gress: Methods in Contemporary Feminist Science Fiction
  • Kerry Newman, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: D. Allan Bromley): An Analysis of Climate Change with an Examination of the Acoustic Thermometry of Ocean Climate Experiment
  • Shelly Rudner, Studies in the Environment: The New Hampshire/Vermont Solid Waste Project: Economic and Environmental Issues
  • Deborah Stein, Studies in the Environment: The Political Obstacles to Implementing Alternative Agriculture: An Examination of How and Why the Farm Programs and Other Policies Favor Conventional Farming Methods
  • Jordan Twist, Studies in the Environment: Suburbanization, Fire Ecology, and Politics in Southern California
  • Anne Wahlig, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Robert Mendelsohn): A Simple Travel Cost Study: An Environmental Valuation of the Island Bonaire and its Coral Reef


  • Erica Adshead, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Margaret Keck): Environmental Policymaking in Guatemala, 1954-1994
  • Mark Barnett, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: John Mack Faragher): Harnessing Nature’s Power: The Grand Coulee Dam and the Columbia Basin Project
  • Peter Braasch, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Steven Stoll): Bug Hunting the Way to the New South: The History of Commercial Shrimping in North Carolina
  • Caitlin DeSilvey, Studies in the Environment: The Backbone of the World: The creation of a Sacred Landscape
  • David Dixon, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Louis Warren): The Politics, Economics and Technology of Abundance: Residential costruction in America, The Colonial Period to Present
  • Elizabeth Farber, Studies in the Environment: The Market for Nonprofit Environmental Protection: An Economic Analysis of the U.S. Environmental Nonprofit Field
  • Eli Gould, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Alec Purves): A Backwoods Castle Dangerous: Scotch-Irish Settlement on the New England Frontier, 1719-1791
  • Flora Huang, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Comrad Totman): The Effects of Deforestation on the Process of Desiccation: A Comparative Study of North China and the Central Asia
  • David Kiernan, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Robert Harms): Environmental Determinism?
  • Kristin Lewis, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Florencia Montagnini): Effects of Leaf Mulches of Four Native Tree Species on Maize Seedling Nitrogen and Phosphorus Uptake in the Atlantic Lowlands of Costa Rica
  • Mary Morales, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Susan Clark): Dolphin Mortality in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Yellowfin Tuna Fishery from 1972 to 1990: An Examination of Contributing Factors Leading to The Failure of the Immediate Goal of the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972
  • Matthew Quinlan, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Paul Sullivan): lonization of the Mexican Humid Tropics
  • Josh Reid, Studies in the Environment: Indian Fishing Rights in Western Washington: An Example of State Simplification
  • Nicole Rodriguez, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Louis Warren): Fresno County Agriculture 1868-1900: A Story of Land Speculation and Railroad Monopolgy; Their Effects on the Development of California Agribusiness
  • John Saunders, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Louis Warren): The Great Black Swamp: An Evolutionary History of Agriculture in Northwest Ohio and its Effects on the Maumee River and Lake Erie
  • Robin VerSchnieder, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Robert Gordon): Drift Mines in Glacial Deposits: A Viable Option for the Disposal of New York State’s Low-Level Radioactive Waste?


  • Oliver Churchill, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Ann Fabian): Political Influence and the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977
  • Seth Dunn, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Doron Ben-Atar, Karl Turekian and John Wargo): Ideas of the Earth: Historical Roots and Intended Studies of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
  • Amy Gambrill, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Brian Skinner): The Accuracy of Maybe: An Evaluation of the USGS Mineral Deposit Assessment Methodology
  • Michael McCormick, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Robert Evenson): Natural Gas Vehicles: An Economic Analysis of Their Technology


  • Robin Abell, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Genn Wallach): Searching for a Middle Landscape: The Birth of East Rock Park, New Haven, CT
  • Michael Breault, Studies in the Environment: Hydrologic Studies at Yucca Mountain, Nevada: Implications for a Proposed Mined Geologic
  • David Goetsch, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: William Cronon): It Takes a Gold Mine to Run a Silver Mine: Corporations in the Development of the Comstock
  • Katherine Hammond, Studies in the Environment: The Road Less Traveled: A History of Visitor Access at Denali National Park, Alaska
  • Seth Harris, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Graeme Berlyn): Human Enhancement of Nature’s Resilience: Bioremediation of Marine Oil Spills
  • Bethica Quinn, Studies in the Environment: My Breasts, like Apples: Eve and the Paradox of Eden
  • Paul Sabin, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: William Cronon): Fighting Dependency: Native Society and Judge Thomas Berger Confront a Natural Gas Pipeline
  • Matthew Taylor, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Douglas Rae): Democracy and Environmental Justice: Governing Environmental Risks in an Age of Significant
  • Martha Young, Studies in the Environment: The United States Geological Explorations of the Fortieth Parallel: The Photographs of the Report and their Context


  • Emily Allen, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: John Wargo): The Consequences of the Rise of Risk Assessment for Toxics Regulation
  • Cameron Brooks, Studies in the Environment: In Defense of the Wild: The Shaping of Wilderness and Discipline of Civilization
  • Lee Corbin, Studies in the Environment (Advisors: Robert Gordon and Jay Ague): On the Beach: The Shoreline Processes on Nauset Beach, Cape Cod, MA
  • Daniel DeBonis, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Joel Waldfogel): State of Vermont Electrical Supply Options: A Case Study Featuring the Hydro Quebec Contracts
  • Joy Ellis, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: John Wargo): Salmon on the Run: The Decline of Wild Salmon Runs in the Columbia River Basin
  • Diana Fisher, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Ann Fabian): Coming Clean: Smoke Abatement in Pittsburgh
  • Katherine Hackett, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Sylvia Tesh): The Northwestern Rocky Mountain Wolf Recovery Plan: An Investigation of Political Institutions and Education Reformations
  • Wendolyn Holland, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Jay Gitlin): Parallel Tracks: A Study of Change in the Wood River Valley, Idaho
  • Edna Neivert, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Linda Peterson): The Treatment of Landscape in Three Victorian Novels
  • Harrison Pollack, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Mark Micale): European Naturalists and the Emerging idea of the Amazon, 1743-1866
  • Rodney Siegel, Studies in the Environment: The Effects of Drying and Grinding on Ammonium Flouride Extractable Phosphorus in Tropical Soils
  • Eric Steadman, Studies in the Environment: Patterns of Rarity in the Threatened Avifauna of South America and Africa


  • Adam Candeub, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Karsten Harries): The Reverand William Gilpin and the Picturesque: The Making of a Sensibility
  • Mark Chao, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Amy Green): Environmental Cancer in American Political Consequences, 1958-1976
  • Frank Morrow, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: David Davis): Thomas Jefferson and the American Environment: Human Adaptation and Jeffersonian Cosmology
  • Ansley Samson, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: J. Michael Holquist): Order in the Peak! Order in the Peak! The Acts of Placing, Replacing, and Misplacing in the Exploration Narratives of Zebulon Pike, Edwin James, and John Fremont Describing Pike’s Peak


  • Tiffany Bingham, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: William Cronon): The Battle Against the Gypsy, 1868-1969
  • Jessica Boon, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: William Cronon): Privatization of Underwater Property in the Nineteenth Century Connecticut Oystering Industry: A Solution to the Tragedy of the Commons?
  • Anne Curi, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: William Cronon): The New England Farmer: The Science of Fertility, Community, and Profit, 1848-1871
  • Donna Lesch, Studies in the Environment: Lake Wallenpaupack: A Lake in Distress
  • Catherine McCarthy, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: William Cronon): Henry Solon Graves and the Birth of the Profession
  • Ben Sayler, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Ron Smith): The Meteorological Factors Influencing Concentrations of Tropospheric Ozone in New Haven, CT
  • Ann Vileisis, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: William Cronon): From Wastelands to Wetlands


  • Wendi Goldsmith, Studies in the Environment: Clay Mineral Weathering and Nutrient Cycle in El Verde Rainforest, Puerto Rico
  • Sean Hecht, Studies in the Environment: The Suppression of Maya and Creole Subsistence Agriculture in Belize
  • Joanna Rosen, Studies in the Environment: Quantitative Analysis of Hoarseness During Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke
  • Ian Rosi, Studies in the Environment: The Reregistration of Oncogenic Pesticides: Risk Assessment and Risk Management, A Case
  • Scott Schang, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Kenneth Haltman): Towards a Modernist Perception of Nature: Science and Art Give Birth to Nature
  • Lori Scherman, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: William Cronon): Dawn and Doom in the Branches: The Forestry Act of 1979, the Nationwide Voluntary Tree-Planting Campaign and Forest Policy in the People’s Republic of China


  • Elizabeth Ablow, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: Pablo Eyzaguirre): Economic Change and Resource Use of the Maasai
  • Margaret Carter, Studies in the Environment: The National Park Service: An Evoluation in Values?
  • David Garrett, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: David Spadafora): “Lo! Stately streets, lo! Squares that court the breeze”: The pursuit of an urban ideal in Georgian Edinburgh
  • Wayne Pacelle, Studies in the Environment (Advisor: William Cronon): The Rationization of Diet in the Twentieth Centry: The Reification of the Ideal Plate


  • Peter Neitlich, Studies in the Environment: A Golden Opportunity: Indians, Whites, and the Ecology of a Gold Rush in El Dorado, CA
  • Hilary Sigman, Studies in the Environment: Economic Incentives for the Agricultural Conversion of Wetlands
  • Molly Shaffer, Studies in the Environment: The First Sixty Years of East Rock Park: A Dynamic Relationship Between Social Values, Management Policy, and Park Use


  • Bret Graham, Studies in the Environment: The Ecological and Economic Effects of Offshore Oil Spills: A Comparison of Two Historic Spills, Santa Barbara (1969) and Campeche Bay (1979)
  • David Simon, Studies in the Environment: At Our Feet: The Yale Conservation Program, 1950-1960