Peer Mentor Program

2020-2021 Peer Mentors

To more effectively disseminate valuable information regarding the major, the Yale College Dean Office has established an informal peer mentoring system. Peer mentors are trained to convey advice and information to their peers, as a way of increasing and diversifying mentoring resources within majors. Environmental Studies peer mentors will meet virtually with prospective and current majors to provide advice and information regarding EVST. They can answer questions about what it’s like to major in EVST, what classes you may wish to take in the major, and how to find your concentration courses. First-year and sophomore students are encouraged to contact EVST Mentors with questions about EVST.

 Lauren Kim ‘21  Concentration: Sustainability & Natural Resources, BA Double Major: Urban Studies

Lauren is passionate about climate resiliency. To her, resiliency is the collective capacity to regenerate social and environmental relationships to adapt for the future. Her work is grounded in principles of environmental justice, traditional knowledge systems, and radical care. Through her work as an environmental justice peer mentor, she advocates for an intergenerational and inclusive climate movement. She hopes to pursue graduate research in disaster mitigation, equitable urban planning, and critical geography. She is an  Udall ScholarUW Doris Duke Conservation Scholar, Greening Youth Woman of Color Environmentalist, and the 2018 Project Green Challenge Co-Champion.

Epongue Ekille ’21  Concentration: Environmental Justice, BA

Epongue is a Global Sustainability Scholar and is currently interning with the Creating Interfaces Project in Karlsruhe, Germany, studying ways in which the Urban Living Lab research method can be more inclusive. For her senior essay, she will be exploring the effects of colonialism on agricultural practices in West Africa. She is also a Creative Member for Students for Carbon Dividends. Epongue is a serious violinist and is former President of the Yale Symphony Orchestra.

Trinidad Kechkian ‘21 Concentration: Energy and Climate, BS Double Major: Global Affairs, BA Multidisciplinary Program: Energy Studies

Trinidad has made it her mission to work on solving the climate crisis in a way that empowers those communities least responsible for and most vulnerable to its negative effects. In her first-year, Trinidad co-founded GREEN, Yale’s action-based sustainability group that strives to implement practical solutions to environmental problems on campus. As a senior, she is currently organizing against Big Food in higher education with Students for Food Sovereignty and around issues of land grabs by universities and other financial institutions with Uprooted & Rising. For her thesis, Trinidad is exploring paths to an equitable transition to clean energy using smart grid technologies, aiming to shed light on one of many injustices obstructing the shift towards a decarbonized society. 

Bennett Hall ‘22  Concentration: Environmental Policy: Politics, Economics, Law & Ethics, BA 
Bennett is interested in sustainable finance and is passionate about harnessing the power of technology to create a more equitable and environmentally-friendly future. Through his work with the Yale Center for Business and the Environment, Bennett has published articles for the Conservation Finance Network spotlighting environmental start ups that are leading the charge in promoting growth in the ESG sector. He hopes to pursue a career at an investment firm specializing in clean energy solutions. He is also Chief of Staff for Rural Students Alliance at Yale and Captain for Yale Club Running.
Katie Schlick ’22 Concentration: Environmental Policy: Politics, Economics, Law, & Ethics, BA
Katie has interests in disaster preparedness, emergency management, and humanitarianism. She is on a gap year before returning to Yale for her senior year. Her thesis research merges public health and political ecology approaches by focusing on the association between social network and mental health/chronic disease outcomes in people displaced from Puerto Rico after the 2017 hurricanes. Previously, Katie has worked with the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the Yale Office of Sustainability, and she served as co-president of the Yale Student Environmental Coalition (YSEC) and Yale Project Bright. She received the Yale President’s Public Service Fellowship to work with Solar Youth in New Haven. Katie loves being an EVST major, and she hopes to work in government as a policymaker.
Elea Hewitt ‘22 Concentration: Environmental Justice, BA
Elea is excited about the potential of regenerative agriculture practices as a facet of the broader solution to the global climate crisis, and as a path forward to a more just and equitable future.  She is currently taking a leave of absence, working on her family farm to implement these strategies first hand, and plans to focus her senior essay on developing a transitional plan for local foodshed independence in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.  On campus she is mainly involved with the Endowment Justice Coalition and Association of Native Americans at Yale and their efforts to hold Yale accountable.  She has found incredible community within the Native American Cultural Center and the EVST major, and looks forward to helping others identify the resources which exist within the major and Yale at large.
Katie Schlick's picture Katie Schlick
Student Peer Mentor
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EVST Student Coordinator and Peer Mentor
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Student Peer Mentor
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Student Employee
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Student Peer Mentor
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